Duke Energy Center


Zones and Rates

The monthly parking sections of the garage are divided into two separate zones identified as Zone A and Zone B, both of which contain approximately 900 physical spaces. Zone A is conveniently located close to ramps and elevator banks, and accommodates unreserved and reserved parking spaces directly below the Duke Energy Center tower. Monthly parking is available to tenants at the following market rates:

Zone A (Unreserved)


Zone A (Reserved)


Zone B (Unreserved)


Deposit: Card fee



Monthly parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with the exception of certain spaces granted under the terms of tenant leases. Monthly parkers need to register at the Building Parking Department located in the Duke Energy Center at 550 S. Tryon, in Suite 180. Once an account is set up, parking staff will affix a small sticker to the bottom left corner of the rear windshield identifying the zone in which the vehicle is authorized to park.

Company-paid parking accounts for tenants are invoiced on the 15th of the month and are due upon receipt. For individually-paid accounts, Childress Klein Parking offers ACH direct draft to ensure ease and accuracy for our customers. If enrolled in ACH, the customers' checking or savings account is drafted on the first business day of each month. WageWorks, a third party company specializing in spending accounts for businesses and their employees, is available to tenants who wish to offer a pre-tax parking option to their employees. Please contact the Parking Office at 704-944-1830 with any questions about monthly parking or available payment options.

Use of Garage by Monthly Parkers

Monthly parkers are entitled to park in the garage at any time (including special events such as Panther's games) within their assigned zone at no extra charge other than the standard monthly rate. Monthly parkers can add as many vehicles as they need under their license agreement; however, only one access card is allowed and the parker is responsible for managing their access card if multiple vehicles will be used. The vehicle using the access card must be listed with the Parking Department to avoid a violation or daily charge. Parkers that forget their access card should visit the management office before 5:00 PM and obtain validation before departing.

Reserved Monthly Parking

Reserved parking spaces are conveniently located on P3 to provide ease of access to elevators and vehicle entrances and exits. Reserved parking spaces are available based on lease obligations.

Parking Access Cards

The hands-free card access system is designed to provide faster access in and out of parking facilities. Each monthly parker will be provided with one "hands-free" access card, which should be mounted with Velcro to the inside front windshield in the upper left corner or on the dashboard to the far left of each parker's vehicle. Please note that this card is different from and in addition to the building security access card. Monthly parkers with more than one vehicle may obtain additional velco strips, as needed, to mount the card in each vehicle that is driven, however, only one access card will be provided per paid account.