Duke Energy Center


Duke Energy Center is not only a trophy tower, it is a statement of conscience, a progressive and sustainable offering that sets a new standard for environmental accountability.

Certified as the first and tallest office tower to receive the highest level of certification under the USGBC's LEED for Core and Shell rating system Version 2.0, the Duke Energy Center incorporates industry-shaping measures such as rainwater harvesting to provide irrigation for the campus and adjoining park. 26 million gallons per year of ground water and HVAC condensation are also reclaimed and treated to provide all make up water for the tower's cooling system. Individually metered electric supply gives tenants the ability to govern and reduce energy usage, enabling lower operating expenses. The green roof reduces storm water run-off and alleviates the heat island effect by replacing heat-absorbing surfaces with plants, shrubs, and small trees, which cool the air.
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Daylight harvesting blinds move with the angle of the sun to reflect light deeper into the interior and when coupled with day-lighting glass, provide increased natural light over traditional buildings. Additional key health measures include low-emitting paints and adhesives and continual monitoring that draws in fresh air to maintain proper oxygen/CO2 levels.

To learn more about Duke Energy Center's sustainable design and construction, read the full case study here.